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In the last 10 years I have discovered a formula that makes websites pay.  If your web site is not generating sales, I can help change that.  You don't have a website? Great, I will design one for you!


Internet advertising is a fun and exciting business for me.  Yet many people would like you to believe that it is  complicated and difficult (so they can charge more).  

Internet advertising is not complicated--it's easy!  Some of the print and television media would like you to think it does not work (for obvious reasons).  The fact is that it DOES work very well indeed. Let's see some examples. 

Ms E. M.  a from Bathurst NSW says:  This month I sold of $7,800 worth of digital cameras.  Before I put my stock on the Internet with Webspecials I used to sell that amount in a year, I used to have another website but it was not doing anything for me, it did not even show up in the search engines.   I helped E. M. devise a marketing plan, designed a simple website and used techniques I developed to promote it on the internet.  

Mrs J. W.  says:  My training organization depends totally on the Internet now.  Alex well and truly changed the way we market our products.  I can honestly say that without Webspecials I would not have a business today. This website attracts an average of 200 quality Australian and International visitors per day and many of them buy something.

Ms S. W.  says:  Last month I sold $8000 of distance education courses.  Webspecials designed and promoted our initial web site.  We call on Alex every time we have a new training product.  Thanks to Webspecials we are at par with the bigger educational institutions. I had a lot of fun designing the initial web site and it is growing every day. 

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Fortunately for me, most of my Internet advertising competitors are "artists".  These works of art do not sell anything, are never found in the search engines, and they take ages to load.

Ask your current web designer why your web site is not making you any money.  They will tell you that the web site is selling your "image".  That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard.  

Your web site, like any other advertising, must sell your goods.  Buyers could not care less about your image -- they care about what you can do for them!  You create a valuable "image" when many customers buy your goods, love your products and tell their friends.  

Think about it.  Would you send your sales manager to sing a clever jingle to your prospective customers? You demand sales from your sales staff -- right?  You must expect and demand sales from your web site.

Your web site must sell goods, or give you good leads which will make sales.  If it does not generate sales, then it is a total waste of money and you should spend that money where it will work for you (preferably with me).

If you already have a "work of art" website that can't sell and than no one can find, I can salvage it without changing a thing.  After all you are probably emotionally attached to the thing by now.  

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