Security police military leather gloves
slash resistant gloves self-defence edged weapons attacks Australia

These high quality security leather tactical gloves offer you increased protection against knives, sharp edged weapons and razor blades. They are lined with a specially knitted fabric often used in body armour vest.

Tactical accessories cannot give you full protection against edge weapons, just like no soft body armour can give you guaranteed protection against bullets. However, they will give you a definite advantage during a defensive incident.

Warning:  Just because you are wearing our security tactical equipment, you must not relax about the dangers of needle stick injuries and other sharp edged weapons.  These tactical gloves do not turn you into Superman (or Wonder Woman).  They are only added protection to help minimise injury during knife attacks. (:þ)

cut resistant gloves
Safecity brings you high quality slash resistant security police gloves
tactical equipment at a price you can afford!

    WARNING: Slash resistant gloves are not designed to protect you against needles 

Only AU$80 (approx US$40)
Offer valid until 28 March 2002

Please add freight (In Australia $11 International Orders $20)

  Size Chart

Measure the size of your palm as shown on the image
Extend fingers and read measurement across palm

Available for sale to police, security
and for the first time to members of the general public.

More Pictures of Gloves and Specifications Information



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