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Our Mission: To help others succeed.

Finally! Every Australian business large or small can easily afford to advertise and market on the Internet! 

We are creative web page designers and banner designers. Most importantly we design practical web pages. 

Internet Advertising is now inexpensive and effective

Webspecials Web Ads program
AU$50 per web ad per week!  Nothing else to pay.
Minimum booking of four consecutive web ads

Your web ad will never end up in a trash bin and never expires. Internet advertising web sites are dynamic and constantly working for you 24 hours a day,  365 days per year.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Don't delay act now and enjoy the benefits of Electronic Commerce.

Your competitors are now taking advantage of this great internet advertising offer.  If you wait you'll be too late! (:)

This is what you get:

A listing in our on-line traders network includes 300 words and one image
Daily impressions in Google's Paid Advertisements Section for guaranteed immediate exposure


Additional Services

Webspecials Turbo Submit Search Engine Support Program

Many commercial web site designers produce "work of arts" which are wonderful to look at, but unfortunately fail to produce any sales. Traditionally these sites are never found in the search engines--which means no one is ever going to see them.

If your work of art has not been written correctly there is no point in purchasing professional Search Engine placements services--you will be wasting your money.  Many customers tell us they have paid thousands of dollars to search engine "experts" with little improvement. 

There are literally thousands of these "work of art" on the Internet at the moment.  In most cases, the "work of art" was very expensive to produce and the owners are reluctant to throw it away--this is understandable.  With web ads you can keep the work of art and still make sales and get a placement in the search engines.  We will produce a web ad that will provide a link to your original site. 

Webspecials Turbo Submit works every time--guaranteed.  if you are serious about online business you must be prepared to spend money in order to attract quality visitors to your site.  To be of any effectiveness you should allocate a minimum budget of AU$600 per year.  Any less and you are, once again wasting your money.  The more money you can allocate the better the results you will get.  By the way, these are guaranteed results.

Webspecials Turbo Submit Search Engine Support Program (minimum budget $1200 per year)

A one page ad display prepared by our technicians using your message.  Your message should include your most important products, profile, announcements or any other message you wish to launch on the WWW.  

Daily paid advertisements in Google.  This guarantees that your web ad will begin showing in prominent locations in the advertisement section of Google.

Manual submission by one of our technicians to other important search engines which will also help increase the visibility of your site and make it available to millions of Australian and International homes and business. 

Webspecials Turbo Submit works every time--guaranteed.  if you are serious about online business you must be prepared to spend money in order to attract quality visitors to your site.

If you want Webspecials to improve your web site search engine placement please contact me.

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